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If you are a property manager, HOA committee, facilities director or oversees commercial areas with a grill, we can help you! Summer Breeze Outdoor is the areas only commercial grill specialist who caters direct to property managers and regime companies.

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Don’t Let Your Residents Use Unsafe or Outdated Outdoor Grills!

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Let the commercial sales team at Summer Breeze Outdoor Kitchens help you with your grilling needs. From beach front pavilions to apartment common areas, we have the rugged and reliable grills to serve your residents.

Do any of the pictures above look familiar to you? If so, know that your property is much like many others – but there’s something you can do now to change that for the better.

It’s no secret that outdoor grills take a beating – both from whatever Mother Nature throws at them and from the heavy use they receive from residents and tenants. In fact, in many property communities, outdoor grills tend to last for only a few years before replacement is necessary. This is especially true in seaside communities, where saltwater and sand have a tendency to wreak havoc on grills in a comparatively short period of time.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade or replace the grills in the common areas of your apartment building, condo complex or some other residential property, a better solution is now available. Learn more about Bull Grills and how they can enhance both your property’s appeal and the overall grilling experience.

Look Familiar?

The Perfect Outdoor Grill For Your Pool Complex

Is your neighborhood pool grill in poor shape or unsafe? Don’t let your resident down or open yourself up to safety issues.

As we mentioned, outdoor grills in a property’s common areas tend to take a beating – both from residents and from Mother Nature. Because the grills are in common areas and able to be used by anyone, there’s no pride of ownership over them, which means that users often won’t properly clean it or care for it as they would their own. And then there’s the toll that the environment can take on grills, as they’ll have to endure changing temperatures with the season and all of the elements.

Needless to say, but it’s easy to see why grills in a property’s common areas only typically last for a few years…if that! Bull Grills are different. In fact, they are purpose-built to stand up to the more demanding environments of common, public spaces. What’s more is that Bull Grills puts its money where its mouth is – offering a warranty that’s much better than what you’d get from conventional grill makers.

With Bull Grills, you can rest assured that your common spaces are outfitted with amenities that can stand the test of time and also offer great features that you can promise to your residents or tenants.

A Grill That Can Last For Your Homeowners & Residents.

Whether you’re looking to outfit your common area with a standard grill, create an entire outdoor kitchen or install a barbecue “island,” Bull Grills can help make sure you have the space that you want. And in addition to the enhanced durability and extended warranty that all Bull Grills come with, the grills are also excellent for cooking.

Unlike many grills which have unpredictable heating across the surface, Bull Grills are designed so that heat is evenly dispersed throughout the entire grill to enhance the overall grilling experience. It’s this performance, combined with the durability and reliability of this industry-leading brand that has made it such a popular amenity for outdoor common areas. We’re confident that once you purchase one Bull Grill, you’ll never purchase another brand ever again.

Enhance the Appeal of Your Residential Complex or Neighborhood Common Areas.

You know what they say about first impressions: they’re everything! This is especially true when a prospective tenant is touring a property and looking for a new place to live. Tenants want to be wowed, and property managers want to ensure that the tour they’re giving is the last stop that a potential tenant makes, so they can begin processing paperwork right then and there.

But if your property isn’t following through on what it advertises, that’s not likely to leave a good impression with a prospective tenant. This is why lots of attention needs to be given to the features and amenities offered in the common areas of your property. Understand that the interior of the homes and living spaces isn’t the only thing that sells someone on your neighborhood or apartment/condo complex.

A shiny, clean grill or an expansive outdoor kitchen can help provide this ideal first impression, resulting in more tenants and less vacancies. That means more consistent revenue, and less effort and marketing going toward filling empty units.

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Entertainment Without the Hassle

Whether it’s a group of your tenants or residents getting together for a fun, outdoor gathering or a tenant that’s having friends or family over, Bull Grills will offer an experience that won’t disappoint. Your residents may like the Bull Grills in your common areas so much that they’ll even skip the cooking appliances that they have in their own units to cook in this shared space! Bull Grills are a perfect complement to any outdoor common space.

Types of Grills Offered

Whether you’re simply looking for a standard grill, or something more advanced like an outdoor kitchen or a barbecue island, Bull Grills have what you need. In addition to the main grill appliance, Bull also offers a variety of accessories to help take the grilling experience to a whole new level. Bull offers many different sizes to fit any common area. You can even take your common area or grilling experience to an even higher level by including fire pits and grilling accessories like specialty brushes, tongs, covers and cleaners to keep the grill clean and the area inviting and welcoming.

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For more information on how to take your common area (and the grilling experience that your residents have come to expect from it) to a whole new level, contact us today. We’re happy to further discuss how the industry-leading features of Bull Grills can help make your property a much more inviting one and serve as the ideal complement to all of the other amenities that it offers.

So if your grills are rusted, the lid isn’t opening or closing properly, or they’re not providing adequate, even heat to the cooking surface, don’t just let your residents deal with these inadequacies. Contact us today to learn more about a better, durable, more reliable solution in a Bull Grill. We’re here to help you transform your common area into a place where your residents will want to spend time.

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