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Inspired by the old time syrup kettles that have remained in service for over 100 years, Summer Breeze is proud to offer Goldens’ Cast Iron Fire Pits to families in Bluffton, SC and throughout the Lowcountry. 

The Perfect Fire Pit For Your Bluffton Home!

As one of the most experienced outdoor kitchen installers, we know when we find a great piece of equipment for your home!

There’s Something about a Cast Iron Fire Pit That Says “This Is Home”. Just add the firewood and your family and friends will be able to sit back and create memories that will last a lifetime. Goldens’ Cast Iron Fire Pits are manufactured for maximum enjoyment; unsurpassed ease of use, and to last for generations.

Built with true American quality these beautifully designed 20 Gallon and 30 Gallon fire pits are quality built, and are extremely easy to light. They can be installed in the lawn, or used on the deck or patio, with an optional “Prong Head” or “Laser Cut Stand”. Goldens’ Cast Iron Fire Pits are the perfect way to create outdoor ambiance, and to promote generations of fun and fireside chats.

A Fire Pit Will Transform Your Backyard into a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space
Your backyard is so much more than grass, shrubs, trees, a deck or patio and some furniture.

A Cast Iron Fire Pit from Summer Breeze will turn it into your home vacation spot, your place of unlimited relaxation where your family can create fun-loving memories that will last a lifetime.

These Durable Cast Iron Fire Pits Will Create Years of Memories for Your Family

Summer Breeze proudly offers Goldens’ Cast Iron Fire Pits to Bluffton SC families. These high quality, beautifully crafted Cast Iron Fire Pits are extremely durable and built to last for more than a lifetime. Weighing up to 275 pounds, the cast Iron construction ensures decades of use and ultimate enjoyment by all.

They make the perfect addition to any outdoor living environment and can be easily installed in lawn areas, decks or patios.

A cast iron fire pit works well in almost any yard, by enhancing your lifestyle and giving your backyard that special touch of warmth and beauty. Fire pits are not only cozy to sit next to but also create a captivating centerpiece to encourage conversation. They are the ideal way to expand your outdoor entertainment space, increase your property value, and to bring extra beauty to any backyard, deck or patio.

And of course, don’t forget one of the most enjoyable parts of having an open fire, toasting s’mores, roasting a hotdog or cooking an entire meal. It’s very easy to start a log fire in our fire pits, but don’t forget that they can also be plumbed for gas. A fire pit is a true entertainment magnet – the perfect place to entertain or to gather around the fire for post-dinner party activity and to keep the conversation going.

These Durable Cast Iron Fire Pits Will Last Generations

30 Gallon On Standard Stand
Large 30 Gallon Cast Iron Fire Pit
30 Gallon Fire Pit Specifications
41.375 – diameter
15-1/2″ – height
1/2″ – thick
275 lbs. – weight
20 Gallon On Laser Cut Stand
Small 20 Gallon Cast Iron Fire Pit and Optional Laser Cut Stand
20 Gallon Fire Pit Specifications
32.25 – diameter
11-1/2″ – height
1/2″ – thick
160 lbs. – weight

Your Local Source For Firepits

Goldens’ Cast Iron Fire Pits lead the industry with rugged durability, ease of use and 100% product satisfaction. Proudly made in the USA by true American metal working craftsmen, these outdoor cast iron fire pits are engineered for enjoyment and top quality performance anytime of the year. The beautifully finishes black cast iron will slowly weather into the deep chestnut colored patina desired by homeowners everywhere.

Cast Iron Fire Pits go extremely well on John’s Island and the surrounding area. The humidity can bring unwanted pests, but a cast iron fire place will help push those bugs away from your outdoor space. Visit Summer Breeze today to see how a cast iron fire pit can enhance your home and lifestyle.

Why Choose A Cast Iron Fire Pit From Summer Breeze Outdoor Kitchens

A Cast Iron Fire Pit Provides Year-Round Enjoyment.

Host an outdoor party with your close friends and loved ones and let your Goldens’ Syrup Kettle Style Cast Iron Fire Pit be the main attraction, while lighting up the yard and keeping the bugs at bay.

A Cast Iron Fire Pit is Warm and Inviting.

They create the perfect feature for your outdoor living area and provide a unique appeal to any backyard, deck or patio. There’s something about a fire pit that says “this is home.”

A Cast Iron Fire Pit is a Social Hot Spot.

Want ambiance for your outdoor gathering, nothing promotes a social interaction or long, in-depth conversation like the open flames of a fire pit. Because humans are so drawn to fire, a fire pit will always create the perfect outdoor mood and setting.

A Cast Iron Fire Pit Provides Beautiful Light and Romantic Ambiance.

Our fire pits provide a beautiful glow, romantic ambience and dramatic up lighting to your outdoor living area by light-up the darkness.

A Cast Iron Fire Pit is a Fantastic Place to Cook.

Whether you decide on wood or gas fired, our fire pits are a great place to cook appetizers, main courses, breakfasts, desserts, and snacks – you name it, these fire pits can cook it perfectly.

A Cast Iron Fire Pits Can Add Extra Value to Your Home.

It not just about the enjoyment you and your family will have from a fire pit, it’s because many potential home buyers enjoy the idea of having a fire pit as well. Who knows, a fire pit may end up being the deciding factor between buying your home or someone else’s.

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