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Your local source for ready-to-use outdoor islands, BBQs, grill centers and instant outdoor kitchens. Choose from our line of complete outdoor kitchen islands that are ready to use with little to no assembly. We deliver, install and guide you on the perfect setup for your BBQ island needs.

What Is a BBQ Island?

A BBQ island or grilling station is one of the greatest additions you can make to your landscape. These units differ from a custom outdoor kitchen only in the fact that they are not permanently affixed and in some cases can be moved. Our BBQ islands have a vast range of options from grill heads, counter tops, appliances, accessories and, of course, the finish.

BBQ islands are great when you want to add an outdoor kitchen to your patio or landscape in a short amount of time. In many cases, we can deliver, setup and have you grilling in just a few hours. BBQ islands are also wonderful if you’re renting and can’t attach something permanent to the house.

Grill Islands are also incredibly convenient! If you’ve purchased a big, home-center grill only to have it rust away, a full-fledged outdoor kitchen island is your next logical step.

Custom BBQ Islands

With an almost limitless choice of BBQ island options, you will be able to have something that doesn’t just meet your needs for a grill, but will help you to achieve the amazing dream outdoor kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Our BBQ islands all start with a Bull Grill head….probably the last grill you’ll ever need to buy and one of the only stainless steel grills with a real lifetime warranty.

We’ve been selling Bull Grills for years and can attest to not only their dependability, but the longevity of the product and the company that stands behind them. Here, in the coastal Carolina region, the humid and salty air can eat away regular stainless steel grills in a just few seasons.

If you enjoy grilling and outdoor cooking, get ready to experience a whole new level! You know what it’s like to cook over an open flame, now you can take it up a notch.

A great benefit of a BBQ island is how easy it is to setup in your yard or patio. We would love to build you a huge custom outdoor kitchen, but sometimes that just isn’t practical; a grill island or free-standing BBQ center is a great alternative.

You Could Be Grilling Tonight With a New BBQ Island!

In a few short hours, Summer Breeze Outdoor Kitchens can totally transform your deck, patio, pool side or backyard with one of our ready-to-deliver BBQ island or grilling centers. Choose a grill, the accessories and the counter top and we’ll do the rest!

Don’t Buy Another “Big Box” Grill Island

Don’t be tempted to purchase a cheap BBQ island from Costco or another local home center. These units are typically built with inferior grills, cheap accessories and unstable bases. In fact, they can be a disaster waiting to happen. Our BBQ islands are built around a solid frame by real craftsman and finished with quality grilling components…the whole unit is built to last and offer you years of enjoyment.

Think of these cheap grilling centers like a particle board bookcase – they look great, until you need to use them. It’s the same with a grilling center from your local savings club. They take an inexpensive grill and wrap it in  fiberboard with some fake stone finish. If you read the fine print, many of these items are not weather proof and need to be covered.

A BBQ island from Summer Breeze is a landscape accessory you can be proud of! Even our ready-to-assemble BBQ islands are completely custom made using actual cement board, metal framing, exterior grade stone and tile and, of course, a serious piece of grilling equipment.

Each of our outdoor kitchen islands can be outfitted with a two-, four- or six-burner grill in propane or natural gas. Choose your accessories, from drawers and cabinets to sinks and refrigerators….you may not go back to your indoor kitchen, ever!

You can also top it all off with a counter-top pizza oven (or go all the way for a free standing one) and be the envy of all your friends and neighbors.

Bluffton’s Biggest Selection of BBQ Islands and Outdoor Kitchens

When you buy a Bull Outdoor Kitchen or BBQ Island from Summer Breeze, you can count on dealing with outdoor kitchen professionals! It’s all we do! We don’t sell patio furniture or hot tubs and we don’t sell Christmas decorations in the winter. We simply sell and build outdoor kitchens – come experience our expertise!

How Do You Make a BBQ Island?

Have you been searching for advice or buying guides for a BBQ island? Well, you’re in the right place! We would love to help you design a BBQ island or assist you in buying a ready-to-deliver outdoor kitchen island. We have many units that are pre-built and ready to be installed, or in a few short days we can customize a BBQ island just for you…order it today and grill on it this weekend!

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