Seven Things To Cook In A Pizza Oven Besides Pizza

A Pizza Oven Is Not Just For Pizza

Who doesn’t love a delicious wood fired pizza? Wouldn’t it be even better if it was cooked in your own backyard? The mouth-watering aroma of the dough getting crispy or the scent of veggies getting seared wafting around the patio. Really, we love cooking pizza outside, it’s a winner for us every time! But, when the conversation turns to which pieces we need to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen, one of the biggest comments we get is: “I don’t think I would use a pizza oven enough”. Well, I want to assure you that an outdoor pizza oven isn’t just for pizza!

Being here, in the heart of the Lowcountry, we can enjoy outdoor cooking pretty much year-round, and with outdoor celebrations and family gatherings continually on the calendar, a pizza oven just might be more useful than you would think. Today, we are going to look at seven things you can make with your pizza oven besides just pizza…. and the amazing recipes you can try will make you look like a celebrity chef! Remember, anything you can make in a regular oven, you can make even better in our gas fired or wood pizza oven.


If you love roasted vegetables, why not roast them inside your pizza oven? Cooler fall evenings are a perfect time to make tasty side dishes of roasted vegetables. Here are seven vegetables that work well in a pizza oven and some awesome recipes to use with them. Check out this article “7 Vegetables You Should Cook in Your Pizza Oven”.


Roasted chicken is a mainstay of many outdoor meals. Cooking it in a pizza oven brings it to a
new level of flavor. This is due to the moisture introduced in the oven chamber, which also alleviates the necessity of basting. If you are using a wood fired oven, the smoke imparts a deep rich flavor. The Pacific Horticulture Society has a very informative recipe on their website which you can check out here: An Annotated Recipe for Roast Chicken.


There are few things more delicious than a steak cooked in a pizza oven. Just imagine a generous cut of ribeye or porterhouse placed in the intense heat of your oven. A thick crust forms on the outside as the fat renders giving your steak an intense flavor and texture. If you want an ‘other-worldly’ flavor experience try the recipe for Bistecca alla Fiorentina (incorporates porterhouse) on the website of California based equipment company, Mugnaini.


A simple but tasty treat that can be prepared in a pizza oven is, surprisingly, seafood! Simply place your favorite fish (such as salmon, swordfish or halibut) on a cedar plank to cook in your pizza oven. A cooked salmon on cedar wood can be found in the American Chimney Masonry website. Though a simple dish, it has exceptional flavor when cooked at the high temperatures which can be attained in a pizza oven.

Photo Credit: Veronica Meewes 


If you want to achieve an instant party, then cooking paella in a pizza oven will do the trick. A great combination is chicken, sausage, lobster, clams, and mussels for the classic spanish rice dish. provides an excellent version, and even claims that their recipe will take your backyard party to a new level.


The versatility of the pizza oven is demonstrated by a scrumptious recipe from for Salty Chocolate Chunk cookies. The added benefit (besides the irresistible taste) is the intense heat which provides even baking with no burnt edges.

Picture From Inspired Tastes


We all know how quick the holidays will be upon us and here’s a recipe from that just might replace your traditional Thanksgiving pumpkin pie with a delicious Caramelized Pears and Walnuts Pizza. This one was, by far, one of our favorites and is surprisingly easy to make. Top it with whipped cream and BON APPETIT!!

So, if you’re wondering what can you cook in a pizza oven, I hope the above recipes have given you some inspiration to venture beyond just pizza. In reality, we have just touched the surface of the magic that an outdoor pizza oven can offer. And, of course, they all make amazing pizza; let’s not forget the basics!

If you’re thinking about adding an pizza oven to your outdoor kitchen, we are happy to assist you in designing the ultimate outdoor kitchen. One of the reasons we are so passionate about the pizza oven is because we proudly carry pizza ovens by Bull Grills, undeniably the best in the business. If you’re still not convinced, stop by our showroom for a closer look.

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