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Has it ever been your dream to host outdoor gatherings that your friends and family will always remember? Or maybe you want to refinish your current exterior space so you can accommodate guests more easily. No matter what the goal of your project is, our team at Summer Breeze Outdoor Kitchens is here for you!

Outdoor Kitchen Design and Build Services

You don’t need to go to the beach or the park to enjoy Savannah’s gorgeous weather! Why not take advantage of it in the comfort of your own backyard? At Summer Breeze Outdoor Kitchens, we’ll take your ideas and transform them into reality with your very own custom design plans suited to your every need.

We can start your project on fresh ground, add onto your patio, or renovate your current outdoor kitchen. With our years of experience and expertise, we’ll take care of every aspect from the beginning to the very end so you can enjoy a whole new outdoor cooking experience for years to come!

Our team can assist with layout plans that best fit your outdoor space, select the right components for a strong foundation, and choose all of the little details to tie everything together. As a part of our services, we handle the full design and build process ourselves so you don’t need to go through the hassle of waiting on contracting delays or miscommunication.

Our own in-house staff members are highly trained so we can deliver a more streamlined and easier installation. From the beginning to the end, we’ll save you time and prevent any nasty headaches!

Outdoor Kitchen
Our services will help you fulfill your own outdoor kitchen vision with Savannah’s highest qualified contractors. We can assist with any size project, from cozy fire pits to thorough design-builds that are great for the entire family! In order to deliver the best possible service, we’ll make sure you understand every step of the process so you can enjoy years of pride and satisfaction with your new outdoor kitchen!
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A Durable and Long-Lasting Outdoor Experience

Here at Summer Breeze Outdoor Kitchens, we’ve proudly provided our customers with full, outdoor kitchens that are built to last. In our build process, our team handcrafts each foundation with solid-aluminum to provide a sturdy frame and prevent rusting. Then, we move on to finish the rest of the base with your material choice from our selection of stucco, stone, or anything else that catches your eye. To top it all off, we carefully finish the fine details, position your counters and siding with precision, and install the best outdoor appliances for a gorgeous end result.

Your outdoor cooking space will be an extension of your home and feel like an entirely new place, so durability is everything. 

You can rest easy knowing that it can resist nature’s elements. With any worthwhile investment, it’s reasonable that you’d want it to hold up well over time so you can make a lifetime of memories with your loved ones. Because of this, we only build our outdoor kitchens with the highest industry standards so you can be confident that it will handle Savannah’s coastal weather well into the future. But of course, you’ll still need to give your outdoor kitchen the care it deserves, so we’ll help you understand how to properly maintain your chosen materials so you can preserve its charm and beauty for the coming years.

Outdoor Kitchens for New Construction

Take your new home construction to a whole new level with a fully-built outdoor kitchen. We’ll work with your new home builder so you can relax outside properly from the moment you move in. We can install a humble barbeque island, or design and build a fully functional outdoor kitchen with plenty of seating, electricity, running water, and more. Start your housewarming party with a bang and be the talk of your neighborhood!

Outdoor Kitchen Renovations

Is your outdoor kitchen looking old? Or are you looking to add modern amenities and appliances to make your backyard feel like a proper extension of your home? If you answered yes, we have the solution for you! As a Savannah design-build outdoor kitchen company, we can help you lay out new plans for a refreshed outdoor kitchen, complete with the market’s latest and best equipment, appliances, and material choices.

An Array of Choices for Any Look or Feel

Everyone has their own personal preferences, and we are more than happy to accommodate yours! Whether you want a freestanding kitchen separate from your home, or a semi-enclosed one that feels like an extension of your home, we have you covered.

Plus, with our wide selection of material choices, custom options, and outdoor equipment, we have something special for everyone to show off! Although many people go with granite for their outdoor kitchen countertops, we also offer concrete, quartzite, soapstone, tile, tropical Ipe wood, and more! With our vast selection, we’ll help you achieve the exact aesthetic you’ve been looking for.

Of course, you don’t need to build a full patio or freestanding kitchen to enjoy time outside. Want to quickly enhance your backyard space? Go with an instant barbeque grill island! If that’s not your style and you only desire a cozy space to relax on those cool nights, we can install a humble, built-in fire pit that can handle anywhere from a few people to an entire family.

Whatever your backyard project ambitions are, look no further than Summer Breeze Outdoor Kitchens to assist you every step of the way.

We Can Add An Outdoor Kitchen To Your Existing Patio

Experts At Custom Outdoor Kitchens

No outdoor kitchen is truly equipped to handle the needs of larger gatherings without the right storage space, appliances, and equipment. But don’t worry, leave it to us to have your back!

We’re proud to be exclusively partnered with Bull Grills in Savannah so you can enjoy an outdoor grilling experience like never before. But why stop there? Along with their premium line of grills, we also carry their Gas-Fired, Italian Made Pizza Ovens so you can bake the perfect homemade pizza every time.

Of course, you’ll need to set the atmosphere for any type of party with the proper lighting! Set the right tone and ambiance with our great array of gas lanterns, overhead lights, spotlights, and other custom lighting options.

For freestanding kitchens, it’s vital that you have electric outlets to power your lights and appliances. Thankfully, we offer plumbing and electrical installation as a part of your custom built project so you can still enjoy the convenience of modern living in the comfort of nature.

In order to be a great host, you’ll need to do more than just cook excellent food for everyone to enjoy. You’ll also need to provide enough seating where your hungry friends and family can dine comfortably!

Depending on your personal taste and the amount of space available, we’ll help you utilize your space to its highest potential. In smaller spaces, we can strategically place bar stool seating to handle multiple guests with ease, or we can sprawl out in open spaces and make use of sophisticated outdoor furnishings.

If You’re In Greater Savannah or The Coastal Empire, We Can Help You With Any Outdoor Kitchen Needs!

Learn More About Outdoor Kitchens in Savannah, GA

Over the years, your backyard extravaganzas might have come and gone….but thanks to our professional outdoor kitchen building services, they’re here to stay for good! You no longer have to fear being the host of a gathering without adequate entertainment space. With Summer Breeze by your side every step of the way, our skilled craftsmen will assist you with the full design and build for the project of your dreams.

Feel free to check out our gallery of completed projects and highly rated reviews for a better idea of how we can construct a beautiful sanctuary for you in your own backyard! If you’re interested in starting a project or have any questions, contact us today for a free quote!

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