We Build Outdoor Kitchens In Mt. Pleasant

There’s nothing quite like the summer evening breeze, a good drink, and a few friends to make for the ideal end to a day. If you long to have an outdoor space that’s perfectly suited to your lifestyle and needs, let the team at Summer Breeze Outdoor Kitchens provide you with the beautiful space you need. Host gatherings, entertain family, or just prepare some of the best meals of your lifetime in your outdoor kitchen in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

We Design and Build Your Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

We’re a design and build company. That means we work with you to create the ideal outdoor kitchen space and build it for you. Creating outdoor kitchens in Mt. Pleasant, SC, allows our team to meet more specific needs and to provide you with a better level of service. In other words, Summer Breeze Outdoor Kitchens is more than a landscaping company that installs kitchens; we specialize in outdoor kitchens!

This offers many benefits. It means you get access to an impressive kitchen that’s designed the way you want. You also have the ability to choose between more layouts, unique materials, and expertly installed features throughout your space. At the same time, you can expect a competitive price for any of the services we offer. That’s going to get you into an outdoor kitchen you love for less.

Outdoor Kitchens That Inspire

Why turn to Summer Breeze Outdoor Kitchens? We’ve served the area for years. We’ve worked closely with clients on small and intimate designs as well as on large projects. With superior building skills and a dedication to perfection, you can trust our team to give you the space you love.

When you work with our team for your outdoor kitchen in Mt. Pleasant, SC, you’ll have a full team of professionals to help you. That includes licensed installers, plumbers, and electricians. We’re also the only local pizza oven installers in the area. When you want it all, you need a team ready to provide it to you!

But Why Should You Choose Summer Breeze Outdoor Kitchens?

The choice is easy, our team takes care of all the heavy lifting! We will design and install your dream kitchen, you don’t need to worry about a thing! We do not use outside contractors; people that leave you wondering and waiting. We have used the same team for years, each time getting exceptional results! This means that we know exactly who is working on your project at any given moment. With our experts you can create the perfect outdoor dining experience.

Expect Exceptional Results and a Durable Outdoor Kitchen

Serving All Of Mount Pleasant and Beyond

An outdoor kitchen is an extension of your home. It’s a place where you can gather, cook, and enjoy the outdoors. If you’re going to invest in a stunning outdoor space like this, you want the work to be done by a well-trained and professional team. Our team doesn’t cut corners. We spend the time ensuring you have superior workmanship and a finished product you’re proud to own. Consider us your Palmetto outdoor kitchen dealer!

What does that mean for you? It means choosing from a wide range of materials, including stucco and stone. You can expect a sturdy frame built with attention to detail, so it lasts. You also will be able to choose the types of components and equipment that let you cook the way you like. That could be a large freestanding grill or a BBQ island that gives you the ability to cook and entertain at the same time.

Use your space the way you want. Let us design a space that allows you to have ample room for inviting the whole family over. You can design a space that offers built-in seating and lights. You can create an area that is sheltered and ideally suited for all of the weather here in South Carolina. Imagine being able to enjoy a summer storm right from the comfort of your enclosed outdoor kitchen.

It’s more than just enjoyment, though. A custom-built outdoor kitchen adds value to your home. It creates a stunning space that is perfect for raising the value of your home. And, because it’s built well, you can count on that for years – even decades – to come.

Choose the Size, Style, and Features Right for Your Home (or Business)

Your outdoor kitchen in Mt. Pleasant, SC, can be what you desire. Our team is happy to share ideas and inspiration with you. That’s what we do with all of these years of experience in the area. Yet, it’s your process, and that means you have ample options to create a space that fits your lifestyle.

Summer Breeze Outdoor Kitchens works with both residential and commercial business owners. When you can’t enjoy indoor dining, or you want to expand your dining options, think about the benefits of adding an outdoor kitchen space. You can lure customers in to enjoy all of the incredible food you have to offer with the smells coming from your grill.

As your source for Palmetto outdoor kitchens, we have the equipment for our unique climate and situations. Not just any outdoor grill will survive the harsh salt and sun of the Lowcountry. Set up an outdoor bar area to keep people there longer, all the while benefiting from the added space.

How Does the Outdoor Kitchen Design Process Work?

Now that you’re ready to start enjoying your outdoor space, let’s talk about how the process works.

We’ll gather your ideas, needs, and concerns. We’ll talk budget upfront so that there are no surprises later. Then, our team works closely with you to create a plan. That includes designing, completing drawings, handling permits, and managing the entire process.

We also work closely with you to get the right equipment you need. Because of our close relationships with local vendors, we can help you get just the right pizza oven, gas-fired grill, or other equipment in place quickly and affordably.

We’ll discuss fixtures, materials, color patterns, and functional space. Our team uses only licensed plumbers and electricians to do the work, too. Best of all, you’ll be able to play a big role (if you want to) in the process. All you have to do is to connect with us today to get started.

Put Summer Breeze Outdoor Kitchens to Work for You

Owner Jamie Horner is an amazing cook who spends almost five nights a week outdoors cooking. He loves the experience of being outdoors to do it. The whole company is passionate about grilling and cooking outdoors, not to mention the entertainment that comes with it. Aside from this, using our services is easy and a guarantee of exceptional value and function.

Now is your best time to get started. Learn more about Summer Breeze Outdoor Kitchens and the services we offer in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Let’s get cooking soon!

Learn More About Outdoor Kitchens in Mt. Pleasant, SC

All you need to do is contact our team to get started. Mt. Pleasant is the perfect place to have an outdoor kitchen, and Summer Breeze will help bring your kitchen to life. Reach out to us to learn more

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