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If You Are Going To Live In One Of The Most Beautiful Places In America, You Should Have A Way To Enjoy It, Specifically Thought A Custom Made Outdoor Kitchen!

An outdoor kitchen installation is an attractive and convenient extension to any South Carolina area home, which can dramatically boost not just your property value but also the enjoyment that comes from gathering with loved ones during the three seasons that allow outdoor BBQs. Although, in South Carolina, any day of the year could be a great day for a barbeque!

For a custom-built, efficient, outdoor kitchen installation, Summer Breeze Outdoor will incorporate the essential elements of the utilities and appliances. We want to maximize your outdoor kitchen space, therefore, detailed attention will be paid to architectural management for ease of movement into and out of the area.

Let Us Design Your Outdoor Kitchen For Your Kiawah Island Home!

The customer’s desire and meticulous planning are the first steps in creating a dream outdoor kitchen. We listen intently to what you’d like, offer our expert input, design your dream kitchen, and then install. We keep the communications window open with the project manager to give you peace of mind and keep you updated. It’s that simple!

Both aesthetics and function are combined for the ultimate flourishing outdoor kitchen space that fulfills your culinary needs while also delivering a distinctive dining and gathering area.

From the moment you contact one of our Summer Breeze team members, our specialists will work diligently to ensure that you get an outdoor kitchen that suits your lifestyle and is built to meet your expectations.

After all, outdoor kitchens are all we do, and we’re very passionate about it, so you’re guaranteed A-class workmanship and high-end Bull Grills kitchen equipment.

The Ultimate Outdoor Cooking Experience Starts With Summer Breeze Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Grills

We are the only factory authorized dealer for Bull Grills in the area. We also carry built-ins, carts, and outdoor appliances.

Grill Accessories

With two showrooms, we can help you find everything you need to make your unique grilling experience.

BBQ Islands

Come see our wide selection of Barbecue grill islands, available in pre-made and custom configurations.

Pizza Ovens

Every great outdoor kitchen needs a wood or gas fired pizza oven to really complete the look.

Is an Outdoor Kitchen Worth it?

The short answer is, yes! While the prices can run from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the design or equipment, it will later prove beneficial when reselling your home.

The costs are mainly comprised of:

  • Installation for water mains, electrical and gas lines
  • Construction materials (generally wood or stainless steel that’s weather-proof)
  • The grill (gas or charcoal)
  • Area for storage
  • Refrigerator (designed for outdoors)

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The return on investment (ROI) is a deciding factor for most homeowners when contemplating creating an outdoor kitchen. Based on whatever sources you consult, including realtors, you’ll discover that outdoor kitchens have an ROI of up to two hundred percent but can sometimes be about fifty-five percent.

You should be aware that the return on investment will differ depending on the area you reside in, the materials utilized, appliances bought, and the display. That’s why at Summer Breeze Outdoor we utilize only Bull BBQ equipment, which is the finest in the industry and created to withstand the elements and hold up for years.

What is the Best Outdoor Kitchen For My Home?

The best outdoor kitchen is one that’s designed to maximize your space while having all the equipment and appliances needed for an ultimate BBQ experience.

Sounds vague, right? That’s because outdoor kitchens are not one size fits all and are dependent on the space you have and whether it’s built on your patio or in the backyard.

The number of people you plan to entertain and the frequency are also essential factors in deciding how to lay out the best outdoor kitchen for your family.

Outdoor kitchen designs that comprise BBQ and eating areas, bars, and storage are perfect for a spacious backyard setting.

Consider an outdoor kitchen undertaking which includes a grill with only a prep counter for mixing drinks or putting the finishing touches on your cuisine and a sink if you have very little space. Also, consider permanent roofing and retractable windows if you’re concerned about safeguarding your new outdoor kitchen from the elements. Pizza ovens and fire pits are two entertaining features that will ensure your patio or backyard stands out. Everyone will want to come over to your house for an outdoor dinner!

Where Should You Put An Outdoor Kitchen?

Summer is the best time to use an outdoor kitchen. So, plan for warm temps and plenty of sun when designing your outdoor kitchen on the patio.

Use the best logical arrangement, keeping the installation of the essential electric, water, and gas supplies in mind when designing your outdoor kitchen. Take note of the locations of your utility lines, and plan your kitchen accordingly.

Furthermore, consider the natural flow of wind when positioning your grill or smoker, ensuring that the grill smoke flows away from eating areas and living rooms.

Consider placing the kitchen area far enough away from entrances and entryways to keep guests away from possible risks. Moreover, keep any outdoor cooking appliances out of reach of children’s play areas.

How Big Should My Outdoor Kitchen Be?

If you entertain frequently, an outdoor kitchen should be the main feature in your backyard or on your patio. However, if the space is small, you must factor in the square footage to ensure that your family members and friends aren’t cramped for space.

You don’t want to go overboard and, in the end, have a luxurious kitchen in which to prepare delicious meals but no yard or patio in which to enjoy them. Still, you don’t expect to cut corners and turn out dissatisfied and uninspired, grilled hot dogs when you’d rather be doing some steak or pork shoulder.

For smaller locations, a reasonable size for an outdoor kitchen can vary from simply a grill, a stove, and a sink, with a minimum counter area of thirty-six inches, to several appliances and ample counter space. It all depends on the size of your patio or backyard, your culinary requirements, and your pocket.

The staff at Summer Breeze Outdoor will work with you from start to finish to plan the perfect outdoor kitchen for your space and your family.

How Long Does it Take to Build an Outdoor Kitchen?

The complexity of your design determines the length of time it takes to construct your ideal outdoor kitchen. Plan ahead of time and be patient. Do not let your anxiety influence or jeopardize the quality and benefit of your outdoor kitchen if you desire for it to be a functional, long-lasting asset.

Preparation is everything when it comes to building an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens can take as little as two months to as much as six months to complete. It’s best to start the process as soon as you’ve decided to commit to the project so that your area is available.

Building an outdoor kitchen can be as challenging as any other home improvement projects you might undertake. Thanks to our outdoor specialty, we are more than just grills and structures. We offer a full service that includes designing an outdoor kitchen for your home.

With plumbing, electricity and a variety of other resources, your backyard will have all the quality of life amenities you deserve. Unlike an outside deck or patio, our company takes care of design and install so that there’s no hassle with permits for building materials; everything is taken care of in advance.